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In-House Brown-bag Sessions

Brown-bag Sessions are in-house staff training options which are completely adoptable to your own unique situation and the needs of your team as they have a more flexible format workshops open to the public and have a strong emphasis on feedback loops.

Brown-bag Sessions provide an opportunity to develop your employees’ knowledge and pique their interest about opportunities to learn.  They are a fun, motivating approach to sharing information and they are available  on a weekly, monthly or whatever you decide basis.

Why Brown-bags?

In-House Workshops & Keynotes

A brown-bag session is a rather informal training that generally occurs at the workplace around lunchtime. This type of training is referred to as a brown-bag session because participants typically bring their lunches, which are associated with being packed in brown paper bags.

Trainings of this kind don’t necessarily have to occur during the lunch hour but can take place at any time during the workday or even after hours. They usually are held in an organization’s conference room.

The Benefits for Your Organization

Training & Travel Cost saving

You’ll get the best of my ever-developing public workshops at a more competitive price and your staff won’t need to leave their place of work and suffer from ever increasing fuel prices;

More Flexible

The purpose of these in-house sessions is to not only customize the schedules for your team, but also to customize the workshops with your organization’s needs in mind.

Actionable Goals

You’ll get actionable goals at the end of each session, have more time to process the information presented and experiment with your team before a next session;

More Specific

You’ll start each session sharing feedback, learning and follow up and each workshop will drill down deeply into one specific theme;

Team Building

You’ll focus on your organization’s challenges as a whole, bounce ideas off your colleagues and will be able to promote continuous creativity and innovation throughout your organization.

In Short

You provide the venue and I’ll provide the change management and employee engagement you’re looking for.

Want to learn more about options and pricing?

Has the concept of my Brown-bag Sessions piqued your interest and would you like to learn more about the possibilities and pricing for your organization? Then please use the form below to contact my Engagement Manager, Jennifer Kwok. She will schedule an initial call and/or meeting, if possible, to discuss your circumstances, objectives and market opportunities.

Jennifer Kwok | Engagement Manager

Jennifer Kwok

Engagement Manager

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