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Executive Coaching & Consulting

Do you know this feeling? You’re always in a hurry, running after the facts as nobody seems to be able to communicate effectively anymore. And you’re always explaining the same things over and over again… but you never seem to get people to do things the way you want them done. To get things done properly, you just gonna have to do them yourself!

But Should You Really!?

Wu-Wei XP Executive Coaching & Consulting Services

I envisioned Wu-Wei XP as  a hands-on boutique business consulting firm serving clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region, providing executive coaching and specialized consulting services in the areas of strategic planning, business operations, leadership development to companies of all sizes. My primary  goal with this is to deliver cost-effective, results-oriented solutions to help you strengthen and grow your business.

Every business owner or entrepreneur is different, of course, but I can guarantee you that you will find yourself struggling with challenges or obstacles that are holding your company back from achieving growth and higher profitability from time to time. If not addressed appropiately, these challenges typically tend to only get worse not better.

What you need in a situation like that is an independent partner who can offer you an unbiased outsider perspective and actually deliver tangible results… not just any results, but results that will positively impact your business and breathe new life into your company or into you as the owner of the business.

Executive Coaching

As you move higher in your role, your own development tends to be forgotten…

(Senior) Management Coaching will include ...

You may have already achieved success in your leadership role, but you also have a growth mindset and know there is always the opportunity to improve.  Working together, we can increase your leadership effectiveness and organizational results. Partnering on executive leadership coaching services or business management coaching will include:

Coaching you and your team on reducing individual and group blind spots and increase leadership effectiveness so you can focus more effectively on objectives and key priorities;
Coaching you on ways to build on your strengths as a leader;
Coaching you on how to lead and motivate your staff to improve team culture and performance;
Coaching you on the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) framework and implementation of a successful OKR process;
Coaching  you and your staff on the relationship building critical to breakthrough results more effectively aligning around your organizational purpose.

As an executive leadership coach, I can serve as a guide to you and your staff with the right questions and tools, systems and methodologies to help you achieve breakthrough results.


Consulting Services

Find your organizational purpose to achieve breakthrough results…

Specialized Consulting Services will ...

I will partner with you to create a psychologically safe culture, enabling full engagement of your staff, working together to achieve organizational purpose and breakthrough results.

My leadership consulting services will:

Follow a strategic framework to analyze the most important needs and align around key objectives;
Provide a outsider’s perspective on potential opportunities and challenges with respect to your organization’s strategy and culture;
Develop and execute the right strategic methodology for your organizational purpose;
Implement an OKR (Objectives & Key Results) framework for organizational transformation and innovation;
Measure what matters by implementing the right OKRs and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

As a guide with operational experience and having supported other great leaders transform their organizations, I can bring a healthy outside perspective to help you and your staff achieve organizational purpose and breakthrough results. Great organizational and leadership consulting can’t be theoretical. It has to be practical, producing tangible results for you and your organization, which is my commitment to you.

One word of caution, my consulting style is bold and disruptive as the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of Wu-Wei (无为) and philosophy in general permeate all of my suggestions and recommendations. With that in mind, some businesses are better suited for my input than ohters. Your business (or business unit) should already be well-established and have sufficient resources to pursue bold strategies. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be so big that disruptive thinking is restricted by corporate bureaucracy and a defensive marketing posture. An ideal consulting client would look something like this:

 USD 500,000+ (or equivelant in your local curency) in annual revenue;

   5 to 5,000 full-time employees;

  5+ Years in your industry sector;

   Sufficient cash flow to support growth;

   Open-minded and ambitious executive team.

To keep things straight forward, I generally works on a retainer basis. The size of the retainer will depend on the size of your business, the opportunities identified during your free discovery call and the expected bottom line impact. There is a three-month minimum commitment to begin. My bare-bones coaching or consulting services consist of two scheduled monthly video calls as well as emails and face-to-face meetings as necessary. Please keep in mind that my travel schedule varies dramatically from one month to the next, so allow for some flexibility when scheduling calls and/or meetings.

After each call or meeting, I will provide comprehensive notes of the topics discussed as well as an itemized to-do list for you to follow until the next call. These notes will be shared through a Google Drive folder and each set of notes will be included in its own date-stamped Google Docs file. That way, everyone involved will have full access to the notes and can edit them or add additional clarifications along the way. It also allows us to have a full record of the strategies developed as a result of the relationship.

How do we get started?

One of the most famous quotes from the Daodejing, the ancient text from which the concept of Wu-Wei stems, is that: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” However, assuming you won’t have the time for such a long journey, I’ve simplified to process to three easy steps:

Step One

Schedule a Discovery Call

Step 2: Let me do my thing

Let me do my thing!

Step 3: Experience the results

Experience the results

As you can see, the first step is to schedule a free  (100% non-committal) Video Discovery Call. To do this, you can use the booking form below. This initial call will take about half an hour. I will provide you with a short questionnaire once you’ve scheduled your booking so you can prepare for the call ahead of time. The questions are basic, but it’s important that I can clearly identify your current situation and vision for the future before committing to a coaching or consulting relationship.

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