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Bitesize Snapshot Marko van Gaans

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| Upcoming workshop/event: 2-Day Business Toolkit Workshop, 21-22 July 2023 in Vientiane, Laos | ⤿ Learn more ⤾ |

What Others Say (Testimonials)

Since I switched from teaching to training/coaching in 2016, I’ve facilitated workshops and in-house trainings all over Southeast Asia. Below some of the comments previous clients and workshop attendees made over the years:

“Marko is very professional. All tech and media savvy and yet there’s a comfortable natural and effortless flow to his presentation.”

Josie Chan

“Marko is an effective communicator, punctual and polite. He is very well prepared, so nothing is left to the last minute. His decisiveness makes him great to work with.”

Candy Wong

“Marko is very engaged and straightforward.”


Doug McInnes

“Great illustrative stories and experiences. Good pace to the sessions. I Would certainly recommend Marko to others.”

Tristan Burton

“Marko is philosophical and uses previous experiences to help contextualize and contrast the practices he teaches.”                                                                           

Richard Brillantes

“It felt like a risk booking him, but Marko proved to be an enchanting raconteur, full of entrepreneurial street-smarts. He’s also reliable to work with and punctual.”

Kelvin Mwangi

“A man with so many fascinating stories!”

Sharon Wang

“Marko is knowledgeable, clear & gives good examples to explain concepts. He listened well and addressed all of our concerns.”                                                                           

Monica Mantenuto

“Marko has helped me become a better leader, mentor and entrepreneur. I would certainly count him as one of the most creative professionals in the industry.”

Caroline Andrews

“Marko is charming, ready for any question and happy to answer whatever is asked. “

Ishwar Dangol

“Marko is a committed facilitator who takes the effort to get to know and help each of the participants personally. He has tried many of the practices and innovated them.”

Julius Wee

“Marko provides insight through forward thinking. He captures his audience by encouraging them to make connections across a range of ideas. He has been an inspiration .”

Daleen Butler

“Marko is knowledgeable about the topic, very accommodating, approachable and on-time.”


Rea-Ann Agir

“Marko explains the topics well and is a good communicator. I liked that he has lots of examples that relate to the topic.”                                                                           

Alex Garcia

” Now I just keep wondering about those zebra-stripes . . . “


René Maagdenberg

“Marko is lively in his presentation, he frequently uses figurative language and and personal anecdotes to reinforce learning.”                                                                           

Brent Byron Que

“Marko is great at story telling and sharing practical methods.”


Ian Davies

“Through his professional and well prepared, presentation style, Marko really manages to connect to large diverse audiences on a deep, intimate and individual level.”

Simon Vaslet

“As a trainer, I will use the ‘Personal Maps’, as that opened up the audience to a level I have not seen before. I have seen beyond the job titles and really connected with others.”

Radovan Kacin

“Marko is attentive and keeps going around to check if everyone understands and is okay.”

Aibert Joshua
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