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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Below are some of the questions I get most frequently asked about my coaching/consulting services and workshops. If you still have further questions after reading them, please don’t hesitate to send me your enquiry via the form below these FAQs – I’m more than happy to answer any question you might have.

Executive Coaching & Consulting Services

Every business owner or entrepreneur is different, of course, but typically those who are experiencing one or more of the scenarios outlined below might significantly benefit from our consultancy services.

Businesses owners struggling with challenges or obstacles that are holding their company back from achieving growth and higher profitability;

Businesses owners challenged by scaling their business or developing and implementing a growth plan that actually delivers intended results;

Business owners whose company has outgrown their existing business processes, causing problems with daily operations (errors, increased costs, unreliable results, slower than expected output).

My consulting style is bold and disruptive as the philosophy behind wu-wei (无为) and philosophy in general permeates all of my suggestions and recommendations. With that in mind, some businesses are better suited than others for his input. Your business (or business unit) should already be well-established and have sufficient resources to pursue bold strategies. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be so big that disruptive thinking is restricted by corporate bureaucracy and a defensive marketing posture. An ideal consulting client would look something like this:

SGD 500,000 or more in annual revenue;

5 to 5,000 Full-time employees;

5+ Years in your industry sector;

Sufficient cash flow to support growth;

Open-minded and ambitious executive team.

Yes, I love to work with the energy and enthusiasm of start-ups. If you’re an entrepreneur developing or refining your business model, identifying target markets, defining your brand, mapping your business operations, strategizing your company launch, or seeking expertise in launching your company, then I can bring significant impact and expertise to your start-up.

My business is registered in Singapore; however, I provide my services all over the Asia-Pacific region.

No, I will work independently in your business or other places such as our office. I will make sure that your staff are aware of what you expect me to do so they won’t be uncomfortable about my presence. I may need to interview some of the senior and junior management but this would only be undertaken at convenient times without disrupting the operations of your business.

In the unlikely event that you do not agree with my recommendations, I will discuss with you the reasons why you feel this way and then try to revaluate the situation and suggest alternative solutions where possible. But, in the end, the final decision is always up to you.

I generally work on a retainer basis. The size of the retainer depends on the size of your business, the opportunities identified during your free initial discovery call and the expected bottom line impact. There is a three-month minimum commitment to begin. To get an idea what I base my retainer fees on, have a look at the fee transparency page.

Your initial FREE discovery call will take about half an hour. I will provide you with a short questionnaire beforehand so you can prepare for the call ahead of time. The questions are basic, but it’s important that I can clearly identify your current situation and vision for the future before committing to a coaching or consulting relationship.

Please note that this discovery call is not a sales call, I want to provide full transparency  and have an open dialogue with you to determine how I might help your business. I do not try to be all things to all people, if I don’t believe I can solve your company’s challenges or meet its goals & expectations, then I will honestly tell you that.

I will expect you to assist me in as many ways as is necessary to implement the solutions to the problems that have been identified. The relationship between us will be a partnership where we work together to make sure that the solutions to your business’ problems are implemented fully. If you do this, it will ensure that your business gains the most from this exercise. Obviously I won’t ask you to do anything unplanned or put pressure on the time you spend running your company.

Absolutely! I won’t discuss your business with anyone. Should I feel it is necessary to brainstorm with outside experts to gain greater insight to a particular situation or find alternative solutions to a difficult problem, your company name or other identifying information would not be divulged.

Very quickly, certainly within the first 90 days. It is worth stating though that our recommendations will only effective if you are committed to learning and implementing change, and are open to being helped and taught how to improve your business.

If you have been in business for a while you will know that ‘quick fixes’ don’t work and meaningful improvement takes time. It normally takes 12 months to effect significant change. You will however see small improvements in your business each month which add up to significant overall improvement.

To be honest, I believe the answer is, how can you afford not to hire someone to help you?  For struggling businesses challenges typically tend to only get worse not better. What you need is a partner who can actually deliver tangible results… not just any results, but results that will positively impact your business and breathe new life into your company.

This is why my initial consultation with any potential client is a FREE, non-committal discovery call during which I can determine if I can provide a viable, cost-effective solution to you, and more importantly, you can learn more about me and whether I would be a good fit for you and your business.

In-House & Public Workshops

In-House Workshops (Staff Training)

My in-house workshops are about anything you’d like them to be about as long as your request revolves around the themes of creative, design or strategic thinking skills. These workshops provide a unique opportunity to develop employees’ knowledge and to inspire disruptive thinking and business transformation within your organization (within boundaries set by you, of course).

They are an opportunity for your employees to gather and share information about topics of interest; they are a fun, motivating approach to sharing information and learning from each other.

In-house workshops are available  on a weekly, monthly or whatever you decide basis. Their purpose  is to not only customize the schedules for your team, but also to fully customize them with your organization’s needs in mind. In short, you provide the venue and I’ll  provide the change management and employee engagement you’re looking for.

Public Workshops

My public workshops are 2-day professional development trainings aimed at Managers, HR staff, team-leaders, creative workers and independent coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs or even artists. Like the inhouse trainings, they revolve around the themes of creative, design or strategic thinking skills. By attending a workshop, you will:

Learn about creative/design/strategic  thinking skills;

Experiment with innovative management tools;

Enjoy entertaining exercises and have inspiring conversations;

Go home with actionable takeaways;

Be able to  boost creativity and innovation at your workplace.

It might, but it’s really all on you. You can’t expect to walk out of a workshop feeling like you know it all. You have to implement what you’ve learnt! My workshops are carefully balanced to be all about the right amount of theory versus practice, general experience versus your personal experience and one-way teaching versus two-way sharing/feedback.

The workshops will help you tackle complex adaptive systems and offer you some serious games, innovative tools and straightforward practices you can implement immediately. Whether you are in an actual position to initiate change or just at a place to inspire it, the tools and practices you’ll learn during this workshop are guaranteed to kickstart transformation across your organization; but only if you do it!

Yes, of course! Any of my public workshops can also be booked for in-house training at your office. Simply contact my Engagement Manager, Jennifer Kwok, via to get started

I totally understand; however, that not everyone of your staff will be able to find the time to attend two full day training sessions. That’s why I’ve  also created the option of more flexible Brown-bag Sessions. These shorter alternatives which contain the same content as regular two-day public workshops, but spread out as a more flexible leadership series with a different format and a strong emphasis on feedback loops.

The number of attendees to  workshops varies greatly depending on location, time of year etc., so that’s not easy to answer.

I do, however, have one simple rule: I require a minimum of 4 attendees to confirm a workshop as with this number I’m able to cover my basic external costs. (i.e. travel, materials etc.)

Otherwise, I aim for groups of 6 to 16 attendees and I’ve set my maximum to 20 to make sure the group is manageable and everybody will get the most out of the workshops.

No, you don’t need to be fluent but you definitely need to have proficient English communication skills to take part. If you worry that your level of English might not be good enough, keep in mind that you’ll receive annotated copies of the slide decks once the workshop has been completed which will help you review the content you might not have completely understood.

Also, most of the workshop will consist of group discussions which can be held in your local language so, even with limited English abilities, you’ll still be able get the most out of it.

Yes, after the workshop has been completed, you’ll receive soft copies of all the materials used throughout the workshop. In addition to this, you’ll also receive annotated PDF copies of the slide decks I used so you know what each slide was about long after you completed the training (my slides don’t contain much text).

Yes, after attending any of my workshops you’ll receive a Certificate of Participation.

I consider it crucial that the fees I charge for my services are fair and easy to bear for workshop attendees from different economic spheres. This is why the fee you’ll pay for a workshop is dependent on the location where it is organized.

To keep things transparent, I’ve divided the countries into five fee categories (A-E) based on the average costs I’ll incur for organizing a workshop there. Of course, this is a far from perfect system, but at least it’s creative, easy enough to agree upon, and it’s fairer than charging the same fee to everyone, regardless of their cost of living and purchasing power.

You can find a detailed explanation about my fee structures here:

Yes! All my public workshops have an Early Bird booking period during which you’ll get an automatic 21% discount on your total fee. Besides this, I offer an additional 25% discount for groups of 3 attendees or more.

For discounts related to in-house training fees, please refer to my Keynote & Workshop Booking page.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your basic needs covered. Your lunches are included in the workshop fee, as are water/coffee/tea throughout the day. For public workshops, other snacks and beverages might be made available by the venue for your convenience, but these are not included in the workshop fee.

You can pay your booking directly on this website via credit/debit card. By doing so, your payment will be processed securely by our top notch secure payment gateway, Stripe, and you’ll receive confirmation instantly.

Alternatively, you can also request to be invoiced. You will then be emailed you an invoice which can be paid by card or via direct bank transfer at a later time.

Please note that you need to settle an invoice at least one week before the scheduled start of an event and that your booking will not be confirmed until it has been paid in full.

My public workshops are held on the basis of sufficient enrolment. If a workshop is cancelled due to insufficient enrolment, you will be given the option of a full refund or transferring the fees paid to the next available date at no additional charge.

If a in-house or public workshop is cancelled  due to an emergency, illness, accident, death, or any other imaginable crisis, either before or after its scheduled start, you will not incur any expenses and all fees paid will be fully refunded.

If you cancel your booking at least 1 month before the scheduled start of a workshop, all the fees paid will be refunded.

If you cancel your booking  at least 7 business days before the scheduled start of a workshop, only refund 50% of the fees paid will be refunded.

If you cancel your booking within the week before the scheduled start of a workshop, any fees paid will not be refunded.

Do you have any further questions?

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the FAQs listed above, please send me your enquiry. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
(And don’t worry, I won’t add your email to any mailing lists.)

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